Social Media Policies

Social Media Policies

If your business is on social media, you want to set a social media policy for your organization. Your policy will help your staff understand how best to approach social media, as well as define what is appropriate content and behavior.

 What should be included in a social media policy?

The best things to address are:
Employee policies, like who gets to associate themselves with the brand and under what parameters
Content policies, like what’s appropriate content and who should be posting it
Interaction policies, like who should reply to people talking about your business and how to do it
Legal guidelines, any hard-line do’s and don’ts to stay on the safe side

One of the best ways to start developing your own social media policy is to look at what others are doing. The social media policies of these organizations have been created with much effort to set good ground rules and also support the unique culture of each organization.

Coca Cola Social Media Principles

Dell Global Social Media Policy

IBM Social Computing Guidelines

Intel Social Media Guidelines

University of Houston Social Media Policy

UW Office of University Relations, Social Media Policies and Guidelines

US DOI Social Media Policy (government)

Walmart’s Social Media Guidelines


Further reading: Find many more examples at the Social Media Policy Database

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